About Store Worded Works

Store Worded Works. Made With Joy.

Store Worded Works is has been launched with the intention to take the thoughts and ideas of Worded Works to more people in more ways. It is intended to create more channels towards this purpose and help raise resources for the same by offering self-branded, high-grade merchandise such as tees, mugs, smartphone cases, notebooks, mousepads, etc.


It's been a long cherished ambition to make meaningful contributions towards the quality of life we lead. And to take these efforts to more people in more ways. Store Worded Works is a step in this direction.

Thoughts and ideas seek a vehicle for their transport, and I’ve chosen the medium of words to carry mine. At the same time, intended addresses are often far and, more often than not, guarded. The addressees require that our, the visitor’s, ways be adapted to their means and situations. That the ways be aligned with their natural tendencies. Additionally, the logistics and economics of trying to take any work up to the last person who could possibly benefit from it, of trying to make it conveniently accessible to them, require more than only ambition and intention.

Store Worded Works is an extension of Worded Works. It is born out of an appreciation of the above realities. It aims to support Worded Works. Store, say both the heart and head, is a good step in the right direction.

Best, always.
Mickey Kumra (mickey@wordedworks.com)